12 Mar 2015

Written by Alice Smithson

The college environment is the perfect opportunity for student stylists to not only get to grips with treatments and cuts, but also to learn how to use salon software efficiently.

Increasing numbers of salons and spas are using salon management and booking software, so it’s more important than ever that colleges teach their students how to use this key technology. Software for hair and beauty colleges comes in many forms.

Find out why you should choose iSalonƒ…

1. Relevance

iSalon is the UK’s number one salon software, and there have been dozens of copycat systems that have tried to mimic its success. By using iSalon at your college you can prepare your students for the real world by letting them learn how to use one of the most popular salon software packages in the UK. This experience is also likely to play some part in helping your students find employment as they look to kickstart their careers.

2. Scalability

iSalon software is designed to work for salons of all sizes, and even the largest hair and beauty college will be able to use iSalon. You can set up to 12 different appointment books, all of which can be edited and accessed simultaneously, with a capacity of over 100 rooms and workstations. Does your college have a nail bar, salon and a spa on-site? iSalon can handle all of these disciplines at the same time.

3. Ease of use

iSalon uses a layout that will be immediately familiar to staff and students. With an intuitive user interface mimicking popular office software and website layouts, it won’t take long for your students to get to grips with iSalon. While the software is simple to use, it also has great potential, with plenty of advanced functions such as marketing options and financial reports available for users.

4. Free training

If students are struggling to understand how certain functions operate within iSalon, you can refer them to our free online training resources. We offer many different free salon software video guides that you can access and review at any time. Having an alternative learning format is useful for many hair and beauty colleges that may not be able to set aside enough teaching time to cover every single software function.

5. Security levels

Instead of offering a single level of security access to all users, iSalon offers several different security levels that restrict the access and editing rights of different groups of users. Pin code access determines the level of software that users are entitled to. Setting up a new user account is quick and easy, and pre-set security levels ensure that your students are accessing the right software functions.

iSalon understand the needs of hair and beauty colleges. If you’re interested in what our software has to offer your college, speak to our sales team on 01522 887200.