14 Dec 2015

Written by Alice Smithson

Brands such as Tom Ford and UK luxury barber brand Murdock have created multi-step products with high-quality packaging to appeal to discerning clients. While the art of selling beauty products to men has been a challenge outside of the luxury market, high street beauty providers are beginning to apply a different set of marketing strategies to men who have adopted the popular beard trend this year.

Here are five ways to take advantage of the beard beauty trend in 2016 to grow your business.

1. Stock unique products

Gone are the days of the scruffy, dishevelled beard. Image-conscious male consumers are being catered to with ranges of unique, high-quality product lines, with stylish packaging that has historically been directed for the women’s market. Organic beard products have been a big hit this year, alongside multi-step lines that amalgamate haircare and skincare elements.

Tom Ford for example has introduced a range of beard oils that not only soften and nourish, but also contain vitamin E and are fragranced with a carefully-selected scent, while Carlsberg have created a range of on-brand beer grooming products. Get on board by stocking unique and appealing products that are stylish and appealing to the more informed buyer.

2. Cross-selling to clients

The best brands, particularly luxury brands, are able to tap into notoriously difficult markets, such as the male beauty market, by selling a lifestyle not just a product. Male grooming businesses, such as Men Rock and the London Beard Company have successfully marketed a lifestyle to the male market this year and have integrated cross-selling seamlessly to existing clients in pursuit of an enviable beard.

Popular cross-selling products in 2015 included beard growth products and electrical ware for keeping beards tidy. According to a comprehensive report in 2014 ‘Younger men have more robust product usage’, while 39% of men feel under pressure to maintain to a neat beard.

Providing beard maintenance products can help expand your services and increase long-term ROI. Always note cross-selling to an existing customer base does include an element of risk, so keep all information and items credible and honest to maintain customer loyalty.

3. Specialised treatments

Beard treatments have made the headlines this year as services have shifted from the luxury market into the mainstream. Like many products on the market this year, UK barbers, such as The Libertine in Gloucestershire, have combined haircare and skincare by providing facials alongside beard treatments.

Specialised treatments are an excellent way to upsell and cross-sell in one tidy package. Alongside a potential increase in earnings, treatments are also a great way to show off your skills and market knowledge in an industry that is in constant flux.

4. Preparation

Combine your newly-bought product lines with a well-prepared professional service that caters to your new clientele. Beauty salons have reportedly struggled with the increasing demand from a dramatic rise in male interest. Salons have taken on an average of five additional staff members since 2010 to coincide with an industry recovery post 2008.

Bearded celebrities like David Beckham and Ryan Gosling have fuelled the niche industry in 2015, while groomed male personalities in general have prompted more men to use beauty products and salon services.

According to a survey conducted by spray-tanning specialists Aura, one fifth of salon customers are now men while the latest Beautiful Britain Report highlighted that men are willing to spend more to look good as cost-conscious women are driving down treatment prices. This latest data underlines the need for preparation, through staff intake or training, to fully embrace this lucrative side of the market.

5. Combine with social media marketing

Popular trends go through peaks and troughs – or can disappear from the market altogether. Capitalising on a particular trend whilst promoting your salon as a whole should be synonymous. One of the best ways to increase customer reach and long-lasting brand awareness is through social media.

From social networks that match beard growers to beard lovers, to the offbeat flower beard trend on sites such as Instagram and Pinterest, social media platforms have elevated a once small movement into a national talking point through creativity and a touch of frivolity. Implement basic social media tips whilst posting your latest services and items: posts with hashtags are 55% more likely to be retweeted on Twitter for example, while Twitter posts with images receive 150% more retweets.

Improve your approach to emerging trends with the use of iSalon business management software. A sophisticated booking system, social media marketing tools and reports that track how many clients purchase additional products and services are just some features that will allow you to free up money and time to devote to the introduction of a new service.