07 Nov 2016

Written by Alice Smithson

iSalon customers have reported making an extra £385 a week thanks to our industry-leading online booking package, iBookings. We’ve taken a look at how you can maximise efficiency and profitability using salon-specific software…

Discover Your Most Popular Staff

Using KPI reports from salon booking software you can easily identify your busiest staff. This data can help you recognise which treatments and staff members are in highest demand, while encouraging your team to learn from these staff members and boost their overall performance.

Perhaps the customer service skills of particular individuals are exceptional, or maybe they are the only ones trained to deliver a specific treatment. Knowing who the most requested individuals are helps you identify both the people management needs of your team, as well as the popular treatments booked at your salon.

Set Team Targets

As well as identifying your key staff members, you can set individual and team targets using salon booking software in order to motivate teams to up-sell and improve their customer service skills – boosting the likelihood of repeat bookings.

Financial incentives are always a good way to motivate staff to work to their full potential and the reports provided by salon booking software make it easy to set individual targets to help get the best out of each team member.

At-a-Glance Stock Inventory

Simple and effective stocktaking is essential for any smooth-running salon, as running out of key products is a strict no-no. Salon booking software with stock control means you can track which treatments – and therefore products – are in the highest demand, and automatic reminders mean you’ll never run out of the most important products.

Automatic Price Management

When looking at the reports generated by salon-specific software, identifying the most commonly booked treatments will provide you with an indicator of the most popular requests from customers. This will help you work out whether you are maximising the profitability of your salon by finding out if the high-volume treatments have room for a price rise, or if you need to move stock and encourage less-popular treatments by reducing prices.

In addition, automatic price management means seasonal promotions, introductory offers and loyalty scheme prices can easily be adapted in order to boost sales for your salon.

Easy Loyalty Scheme Development

A loyalty scheme is one of the best ways to encourage repeat bookings from customers, as the incentives provided (such as discounts after a certain number of visits or reward points to spend on salon products) are attractive to clients.

The management of loyalty schemes can be tricky, however, unless integrated into your salon booking software. Automated reward points systems mean you can target marketing opportunities based on your clients’ favourite treatments, encourage repeat visits with promotional prices and establish a good relationship with your clients.

Saving Staff Time to Boost Profits

Using salon booking software significantly reduces staff time spent on basic business administration, such as stock inventories and schedule management. This time saved can be spent with clients, boosting rapport and improving customer service, which in turn creates a great reputation for your salon.

Even better, iSalon booking software means clients can book appointments online, saving all administration from the salon side and giving control to the customer – enhancing their experience before they even set foot in the salon.

To find out more about how salon booking software can do so much more than simply improving the management of your appointment book, talk to the iSalon team today to arrange a free, no-obligation demonstration.