02 Dec 2016

Written by Alice Smithson

Salon treatments designed to improve the quality of hair and boost shine are particularly in demand at this time of year, especially with party season looming. Find out how you can use salon management software to maximise their profit-making potentialƒ!

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Offering salon-standard deep conditioning treatments will make your customers very happy in winter, as their hair is dried out from the use of more heated appliances, tough weather conditions and dehydrating central heating.

Heated deep conditioning treatments are particularly sought-after, as they penetrate the hair more fully to give a longer lasting, healthy and bouncy result.

Salon booking software, like iBookings from iSalon, is particularly handy when coordinating treatments such as this, as the length of the treatment doesn’t necessarily require constant staff supervision.

This means additional appointments can be fitted into the same time slot for staff members. While one customer is relaxing under the heated dryer for the main part of the treatment, another haircut or treatment can be performed on another customer.

Darker Vegetable Dyes

The winter calls for less of a sun-kissed look from many people, who choose this season to tone down their hair colour to warmer and darker tones. Vegetable-based dyes are particular favourites, as these produce a more natural colour and have less damaging potential for hair.

The great thing about these winter hair changes is that it is not a time-intensive treatment, and the products are of minimal cost, so your profits are maximised.

Haircuts: Going for the Chop

A combination of three things means haircuts are particularly popular at this time of year: party season, New Year style changes and split ends.

As people prep themselves for any of the above, the requirement for haircuts that need more than “just a trim” will shoot up. Using salon management software, salon managers can identify staff members whose skills are most in demand for cuts and restyles, so they can be allocated to these treatments as priority – helping to boost customer satisfaction.

In addition, working salon schedules in this way means the more experience staff gain on cuts, the more the salon is able to charge for treatments – making the most of your staff skills and profit potential.

Party Styling

It’s party season! This means lots of New Year balls, cocktail evenings and fancy dress shindigs, so of course customers need the hair to match.

Altering salon opening hours during party season is a good way of maximising revenue, as customers come to the salon after work before a big night out. Salon booking software makes management of altered opening hours much easier, as staff can instantly see that additional treatment times are available.

The more flexible your salon is with its hours, the higher the customer satisfaction. This equates to increased repeat custom and boosted business through word-of-mouth.

Don’t Forget the Promotions

Winter is a great time of year to remind your customers that they might need a bit of TLC on their hair, and an effective way to do this is using text message marketing to drop them a quick line. If you find certain days of the week are quieter than others, a promotional text suggesting a discount if they book within certain times is likely to improve sales overall.

Salon booking software holds so much more potential for boosting revenue and building a salon’s reputation than just for winter haircare. To find out how your salon could benefit, contact us today for more information, or check out our bespoke training courses.