07 Dec 2016

Written by Alice Smithson

Salon and spa owners benefit from using salon management software every day. Using software saves you valuable time, leaving you free to spend more of the working day looking after your clients and keeping your team motivated. It also helps you with marketing, salon appointment booking and stock management.

However, it’s all very well making your life easier, but what about your hair and beauty clients? How can you make their customer experience even better?

Here are five ways to get your salon software working harder for your clients:

1. Automated Salon Appointment Reminders

While no-shows or latecomers impact on your salon’s bottom line, forgetting an appointment is far from ideal for your client too.

These days we take it as read that good customer service includes an SMS prompt, whether it’s from our dentist or a delivery company, so we appreciate a text reminder before our salon appointment.

“Automated text reminders are simple to set up on your salon management software and can reduce no-shows by up to 60%.”

Win-win for you and your client.

2. Last-minute Salon Appointments

In recent years last-minute booking has become part of our culture and way of life. We love the freedom of booking holidays, restaurants and entertainment last-minute to suit our hectic timetables and busy lives. And we want to do the same when it comes to our hair and beauty appointments.

Salons and spas are always looking for ways to improve their client experience and stand out from the competition. Offering a simple, last-minute booking system that clients can access on their phone or tablet does exactly this.

An unexpected invite calls for a last-minute manicure or blow-dry, and what could be easier than browsing your favourite stylist’s immediate availability on your phone?

From looking to booking in seconds, while munching your lunch at your desk. Perfect, and so convenient.

3. Stock Control – So You Never Run Out

It’s embarrassing, not to say annoying, when you recommend a hair or beauty retail product to a client only to find there is none on the shelf. It’s disappointing for them too.

Salon management software eliminates awkward situations by giving you and your team real-time stock level information. It can even automatically order stock for you, so you’ll never find yourself and your client staring at an empty shelf again.

“Your clients’ favourite products are always in stock and available to buy.”

4. Loyalty Schemes on Your Salon Software

We all love a gift and salon loyalty schemes are one of the most effective ways to give your clients a treat to thank them for their loyalty.

iSalon software makes saying thank you to your clients a breeze. It records your clients’ history, calculates their loyalty points and clients can even check their running total on their phone.

5. Salon Software for a Quick Getaway at the Till

There is nothing worse than queuing at the salon till when your parking ticket has just expired or you’re late for the school-run.

A computerised salon or spa appointment book makes it quicker and easier for your receptionist to rebook that next appointment than a manual book. The software lets you flick quickly and efficiently between dates, team members and times to ensure even the most time-pressed client leaves having rebooked.

Don’t let your clients miss out. Book a consultation to learn more about the salon software used by more than 2,000 UK salons and spas, and make their salon experience even better!