17 Mar 2017

Written by Alice Smithson

You’ll be aware of the many different features and functions of salon software, and how it can help your salon excel. However, some businesses accomplish far more with salon software than others. Like every other tool at your disposal, its effectiveness is based on how it’s used.

Here are some salon software dos and don’ts to help you make the most of iSalon software.

Do: Train Your Staff

We offer all new customers extensive training, but when you add new members to your salon team it’s important to spend time teaching them how to use the software.

We mean more than a quick five-minute training session before your first client arrives on the Monday morning. Point them in the direction of our training videos and how-to guides and help them out when they have questions. It’s important that all staff members have a complete understanding of the software and its capabilities.

Don’t: Get Carried Away

With all these new toys to play with, it can be easy to overuse the software and start sending out marketing emails to all of your clients every time you have a brilliant idea.

Instead, you should use the marketing functions with care. Send out marketing emails to specific groups of clients, and use SMS marketing sparingly. This will save you money and also prevent clients from feeling annoyed by your constant communication.

Do: Identify Problems

Salon software can improve many different aspects of salon management, but if you want to see immediate improvements you first need to identify the current problems in your salon.

Are you struggling with retail sales? Is your client retention rate low? Are you struggling to keep your accounts in check?

Once you’ve worked out the main issue you want to resolve, explore how salon software can help with that specific problem.

Don’t: Neglect Your Client Database

You may not want to hassle new clients for contact details, but the more information you have in your client database, the better.

During the first appointment, you can casually ask if they’re able to come into the salon at short notice or if they’d rather book appointments far in advance. You can also use your client database to make note of other client preferences to improve your services during later appointments with them.

The more variables you use and the more populated they are with data, the more precisely you can target marketing campaigns.

Do: Use Salon Reports

Now that it’s easy for you to produce financial reports in just a few clicks you have no excuse for neglecting your salon’s finances!

Keep a close eye on your cash flow, track product sales and see which stylists are performing best. Use the data to make decisions about all aspects of salon management.

Your salon’s success with salon software can free up funds to help you rejuvenate your salon, hire new staff and even expand! Interested? Contact the iSalon team today to learn more or book a free, no-obligation demo.