21 Mar 2017

Written by Alice Smithson

Salon management software is equally useful when your plans turn to expansion.

Increasing the size of your salon premises or even opening a second or third branch is a huge task to take on. Even if you’re satisfied that your plans are watertight, there’s always the risk that an element outside of your control will turn your salon expansion dreams into a nightmare.

Using salon management software to help you draw up your plans for expansion may not entirely eliminate risk, but it’ll certainly go far towards cementing their success.

Better Visibility on Financial Data

Salon management software records details of every client transaction. It can also generate reports that display data in an easily digestible format.

Before forging ahead with expansion plans, you’ll want to determine the average takings you make per stylist, chair and client. You’ll also want to work out the percentage of your takings that are spent on staff costs, rent and bills. Use this information to forecast your expenses and takings at your new or expanded salon. Determine how many new clients you’ll need to find to break even.

In-Depth Analysis of Client Data

Multi-salon businesses are certainly far more likely to be a success if you hold contact details for the vast majority of your clients.

Use your salon management software to identify clients who haven’t visited your salon in months or even years. Do you think they’d be tempted back in by your new premises? Furthermore, establish the number of clients that you can count on to be loyal customers at your expanded business.

Establish Regular Marketing Activity

No-one will visit your new salon if you don’t let anyone know it exists.

Intensify your marketing efforts in the run up to the salon’s opening – only a couple of weeks in advance, otherwise everyone will have forgotten about the new salon by the time it opens its doors.

You may wish to consider holding a special preview event for current clients. If you have salon management software, send out a brief marketing email with an invitation. Not only will this increase the buzz surrounding your new salon, but your clients will feel appreciated, too.

Even if you’re only undergoing an on-premises expansion, it’s still worthy of a marketing push. Consider sending out text messages to groups of clients containing codes that will earn them discounts or loyalty points if they try out your new salon.

As you can see, salon management software isn’t just a tool that keeps your appointment book busy. It can also be used to help you make key strategic decisions about the future of your salon. Get in touch to arrange a free demo or for a no-obligation chat with a member of our sales team.