Anna Campbell Hairdressing – guest blog post

14 Feb 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

Anna Campbell Hairdressing, based in Hartlepool, has been an iSalon customer for the past 8 years, and is a testament to the hairdressing industry. Anna herself has over 26 years experience in the industry as discusses the use of software in the salon and how the team adapted to the new salon system.

When I decided to integrate software into the salon, the decision was not taken lightly, and was one that took a lot of research and thought. There were several trials and meetings, recommendations and discussions until we found exactly what the salon needed – iSalon.

What stood out initially was how easy the software seemed in comparison to other systems . The Sales Manager who visited was equally confident in the product which was a great selling point and made me trust him and the product himself. He discussed the ins and outs, what he felt would work for the salon based on our needs and of course the requirements of our clients.

I outlaid the problems that I felt could arise when integrating technology into the salon and these issues were and soon enough they completely disappeared as the team at iSalon made the transition incredibly easy.

Our initial onsite training consisted of 2 separate days. The iSalon Training Manager was fab and had a hairdressing background which I found great as were were talking the same language!

If I or my team have ever had any problems we don’t hesitate to call technical support, these guys are second to none! After 8 years we are now on first name terms, and we couldn’t live without iSalon. In the last 18months the changes they have made to the software systems have been so fast paced and amazing, I have learnt so much from them all!

Our clients in the salon love the SMS Reminders and if our internet ever fails and messages don’t get sent (which is very rare!) clients ring us to double check as they are used to getting their reminders.

Another fabulous feature we love is the salon reports. These have recently been condensed and give you the exact information you need and they are easy to read without feeling your looking at a minefield of information!