Marketing your salon in a different way

13 Sep 2018

Written by Alice Smithson

In the past couple of years, it has become evident that clients of all ages are looking for salons, spas and barbershops that offer something more than their usual run of the mill salon. But how can these be done you ask? Will it cost a lot? The answer to these questions is no – if you go about this in the right way, you can implement that added extra and completely change the way that the salon, spa or barbershop is perceived.


What is deemed an added extra? And how can I go about this?

An added extra is something you can offer clients that normal clients wouldn’t normally expect., something a little bit different and unique which is still applicable to them and of course your brand or business.

In recent months, we have seen many salons team up with coffee shops, integrating a small ‘coffee bar’ into the salon. This not only benefits your business but that of the company you are partnering with. We would recommend partnering with a local coffee house, and you could provide the space in return for free teas/coffees/refreshments for the client – therefore both parties benefit. This does not have to be every day, but is a great starting point.

Another way to market the salon would be to work with your creative side, and perhaps great a freelance gallery space, for local artists to showcase their work, which n turn could end up allowing you to hold open evenings for the artist and their work. This will not only show of the work of the artist but perhaps bring client to the salon that you have not reached before.


How can I ensure this brings in clients?

Promote, promote, promote – there is no other way to go about this! Tell your clients what you are implementing in the salon, and encourage them to tell their friends and family – here you can then push the recommend a friend service (if applicable.) Remember the clients that also haven’t visited the salon for a while, create a unique e-shot to distribute via your iSalon Software, again enticing them to come in!

Also, work alongside the business or brand that you are partnering with, as they will want to promote this just as much as you!