04 Mar 2019

Written by Alice Smithson

Gift vouchers for hair and beauty services have always been extremely popular, ever more so during specific times of the year such as Christmas, Valentines and Mothers Day. However, we often speak with salons who ask ‘How can I get the most out of gift vouchers?’

It’s crucial to know how to market them correctly and use gift vouchers to both yours and the clients advantage,  ensuring the salon is continually busy and that you meet the needs of the client at the time required. Remember, a gift voucher is always a treat therefore you must ensure when this is used by the client, it is a treat experience and nothing less than exceptional.

But the big question is – how do you market correctly? Here is our top tips to getting the most out of your gift vouchers;

  1. They can help when the salon is experiencing a quieter period; When gift vouchers are purchased during a busy period, ie Christmas, we would recommend including specific terms and conditions such as dates that the voucher can be used. For example, if purchased during Christmas a date for redeeming would be between 1st January – 31st March, as many salons find these are often the quieter months of the year.
  2. They can help build the clientele for a new stylist or therapist; gift vouchers can help promote a new stylist or therapist who has recently joined the salon team. You can make vouchers redeemable with a certain individual and this can help promote them and build them a loyal clientele.
  3. Gift vouchers can help boost profits; We all know that you don’t want to bombard clients with retail and promotions however mentioning gift vouchers throughout conversations is a good way to promote them to the client. Perhaps you are discussing an event such as a wedding or birthday, a small mention can really go a long way and boost the profits of the salon.
  4. Creating a package can attract interest; when providing your clients with gift vouchers for a new package. Why not team up two services giving a small discount and offer this as a package voucher – perfect for gifts! This is also a great way to create a small discount and large interest.