12 Mar 2019

Written by Alice Smithson

Instagram has very quickly become a creative hub for many industries across the UK, more importantly hairdressing and barbering. It’s a platform that connects the global industries and also allows stylists to share their work and creativity with their hairdressing peers. But as a stylist or a salon, how do you perfect your instagram profile and make it easy on the eye?

Here we take a look at the checklist to achieving the perfect business profile;


Your instagram handle

Make sure your handle is an easy and searchable name, ideally that of yourself or your salon. Many people search via instagram to find a certain person or place so ensuring you are easily searchable is essential. For stylists within the salon it is often favourable to have them incorporate the salon name such as @victoria_seshhair.


Your profile photo

A simple yet very crucial component of your business profile. We would suggest adding your logo or headshot if you are an individual stylist. That way you are easily recognisable to those who are searching or landing on your page.


Your Bio

Make this short, sweet and simple. Add in your salon name, salon title (if applicable), and add in any other additional information you deem necessary such as teams you are part of or awards you have won. Sell yourself.


Contact tabs

Business pages can now add contact tabs to their page such as telephone number, email, book now buttons and directions. These are extremely important as it gives the client a one stop click contact option. Since adding this to business profiles, instagram has seen a rise in this one click service.


Respond to engagement

Whether you receive an emoji, large comment or like, story mention or simply a follow – react. Whether you comment back, like, or share allows encourage engagement – this will benefit your profile going forward.


Be Public

If you want to be recognised, make your profile public. Having a private profile often discourages people to follow as believe it or not they refer to follow those who are public and tend not to generally notice new followers.