The Influencer Effect

29 Apr 2019

Written by Alice Smithson

Social media as you know, is now one of the most important platforms to have a presence upon for businesses within all industries, especially the hair, beauty, barbering and spa industries. Having a direct online profile that clients can engage and connect with, is vital to the success of any brand.

With that in mind, we have recently witnessed the influx of social media influencers, particularly on instagram. These individuals hold a great following, often recommending products or brands to their followers and advising them of special deals and promotions, with may also offering discount codes for anyone who wishes to purchase anything having seen this advertised on their profile.

But how influential are these people? A recent survey has shown that 70% of teenagers within the UK trust influencer’s more than traditional celebrities – a staggering statistic. The survey states that teenagers find a common ground with influencers who are similar to their own age and who are open and honest with their following, as many celebrities tend to post professional images or paid for instagram stories, rather than story their actual day to day life.

As well as teenagers, the survey has focused on consumers as a whole. 60% of consumers have confirmed they have made a purchase based on a social media post or blog post by someone they deem an influencer or blogger.  86% of woman confirmed they use social media for purchasing ideas and advice.

All the statistics mentioned above, show just how important a social media presence is to brands, whilst partnering with influencers is definitely worth the while. However, when looking to partner with an influencer, you must do your research. Look for someone who you feel would represent your brand and fit your brief, someone who has an interest in the industry you provide for or the services that you offer and someone who is genuine and down to earth. This for consumers is crucial when taking advice from influencers – the more genuine, the better.