Goodbye 2020!

22 Dec 2020

Written by mike

Congratulations and well done – you did it and we did it! We made it through 2020.

Whilst many of us will be glad to see the back of 2020, we believe it’s important to stand tall together and recognise the successes that we have had despite the pandemic.

For a start, we are still here. That in itself is cause for celebration. With so many businesses closing, the high street in freefall and even the largest companies laying off staff, together we have got through it and we are still here.

Many salons haven’t survived and their unfortunate closure has impacted many businesses and suppliers that work with them, including ourselves. This has led to us having to restructure our business and move with the times. However, our thoughts are with the salons that have had to close, we wish that these salons and their staff find a way back as soon as possible.

Despite our empathy for those that were sadly affected this year, you should take comfort and pat yourself on the back because you are still here, doing what you love. Well done!

Like many of you, we had to change the way we operate. Social distancing and PPE were unheard of at the start of the year (we have a lot of “huggers” in our office) and these terms are now part of everyday life. And for those that don’t know, like a lot of the country, we are all still working remotely to protect our staff and their families.

We have faced challenges and like every other business and government in the world, we  recognise that there are some things that we didn’t quite get right first time round and other things we could have done better. We look to continually adapt to the changes that have been imposed on every one of us and to pivot our services to meet the needs of you, our clients.  As a small tight knit team of just 21 we have grown closer. We have picked up new skills and will look to utilise them even more in the new year. We’ve introduced and developed “Ruby”, our Chatbot,  to help prioritise your calls for support, we have released new training videos and a built a  bank of informative articles on our website  to help you get the most from iSalon. Despite the challenges we have provided well over 200 enhancements to iSalon Software this year including the Covid-19 resource centre, pay by link functionality, track and trace reports, emailing receipts and many more. Look out for the next release early next year with even more enhancements  to iSalon and additional functionality for Command Centre.

Throughout this year every single member of the iSalon team has wanted to go above and beyond to try and help each and every one of you and with every interaction we learn from those experiences, we adapt, and we look to move forward in a more positive vein. At iSalon we’re not looking back and saying “I’m glad that’s over” we are looking to the future to build on what we have achieved to help you do more of what you love.

We look forward to supporting you in 2021 and beyond as we all learn to live with and overcome the pandemic that has affected each and every one of us.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and festive period. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay well!

Love from Mike and the iSalon team.