iSalon inspires retailing

03 Sep 2021

Written by mike

Using iSalon to share promotional activity that you are running in salon is a great way of getting clients involved with your retail activities before they walk through your door.

Lockdowns have encouraged consumers to shop online, and shop more frequently. Salons must embrace this new way of shopping; this ‘new norm’ and get on board with using technology to inform and excite clients.

With iSalon’s email and SMS functionality it’s easy to share information about salon services, promotional activity, and retail offerings.

Consumers now actively search for discounts and product promotions online, this is because online retailers always have special promo activities happening, so any discounted retail offers you have in salon should be shared with your client database via email and SMS.

The benefit to your salon business is there for the taking. Sending out an email or SMS via iSalon informs your clients about the offers you are running, and when they are sat in the stylist’s chair, they are already interested in the promotion, all that has to happen after that is the stylist needs to open up the dialogue about the products seen in the message their clients have received.

Plus, don’t forget to use your social media channels to further share the message, it’s another avenue of marketing that can prove to be very powerful.

The other huge benefit of using iSalon as a tool to build retail business is their software system can manage your stock levels, this is important as you need to always have the stock you need for your clients to purchase. We all know the disappointment we feel when trying to purchase something, only to discover it’s out of stock. iSalon helps eliminate the issue of running out of products, especially if they are on promotion in the salon.

The pandemic has created a dynamic shift in the way everyone shops, and this change is here for good. We have all become much more comfortable shopping online and signing up for regular communication with shopping platforms we have used. Your salon can do this easily with a quick SMS text telling your subscribers about ‘this weeks’ special offer, or an email sharing some exciting news and views about the products, the services and (of course) your team.

Use the tools iSalon offers and grow your client’s online connection with your salon, it will prove to be as successful as the one-to-one conversation and relationships each and every one of your team has with their own clients.

Emil McMahon is an independent business consultant specialising in retail and communication skills for the hairdressing industry. He is also a published author.

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