Patch tests and what you need to know

05 Oct 2021

Written by mike

You may have noticed in the news recently that some salons have noticed a small number of clients reporting allergic reactions following having their hair dyed post Covid. Scientists are now researching how the disease could be affecting our immune system, in a similar way to other illnesses.  

In light of this it’s important that you as hair and beauty salon owners take extra care, offer more regular patch testing and reassure your clients that they are safe in your salon.  

So how can we help? iSalon Software has configurable settings to allow you to change the frequency of clients patch tests. This will issue a pop-up reminder on a more regular basis and ensure you are communicating regularly with your clients about this. 

When you are using your software to book a client in you will see a pop up warning for a new client who requires a patch test or an existing customer who doesn’t have an active patch test. Whilst this will keep your staff on track when it comes to carrying out regular patch testing, you can go a step further and send out a SMS message or newsletter to let your clients know what you’re doing to keep them safe. Sending out a SMS message couldn’t be easier. Just go into your Command Centre and issue a message to your client database. You can even do this from your tablet on the go!  

To be completely flexible and put your clients at ease why not offer a drop in patch test service? This way your clients are free to have a patch test before their colour appointment no matter when their last appointment was.  

If the last 18 months has taught us anything as an industry, it’s that we need to be flexible. We need to listen to our clients and adapt accordingly. Situations like this can be overwhelming for your clients and how you deal with them can set you apart from the rest.  

If you’d like any more information or support please do let us know.