Julia Lampard and The Sustainability Journey

25 Oct 2021

Written by mike

2021 is time for us as an industry to stand up and act now, before it is too late. As an industry we need to support each other in this mission, collaborate and share with one another. Becoming greener as a salon is non-negotiable if we are to ensure sustainability. The first step in this journey is to become more aware, think about the impact your day-to-day salon life has on our planet and make changes wherever possible. Within the salon we noticed several things we were doing daily that were harmful to our environment and our philosophy from then on has been to do our best to do better and be better to ensure a cleaner and greener future for all of us. 

At Julia Lampard salon we are passionate about maintaining a luxurious experience for our guests. It was crucial for us to think of ways to introduce sustainability into the salon yet maintain that level of opulence and luxury. To do this, we had to think creatively. We introduced recycled toilet paper in the salon from a cool, quirky company called ‘Who Gives a Crap.’ The packaging is amazing, their mission is admirable and adds something nice to look at in our restrooms too. We offer Nespresso coffee in the salon. It tastes delicious and adds an element of opulence to our guest experience, however the foil the pods that it comes in is also recyclable. Researching tiny details like this can make a significant difference to your level of sustainability in the salon.  

Working with a forward-thinking software company is another way to increase your sustainability as a salon. We work with iSalon Software who offer email receipts to reduce your paper waste, online gift cards as well as biodegradable cards, and they are now planting a tree for each salon that signs up to their subscription service. To align yourself as a salon with companies that are working on becoming more sustainable helps your cause immensely. We only work with products and packaging that come from eco-friendly sources. We are a Davines Beauty Partner as all their products are sulphate, paraben and ammonia free derived from a natural source. Made from 100% renewable energy, with highly biodegradable, natural, and certified organic ingredients. Davines always try to favour the use of recycled paper and they promote reforestation projects and protection of woodland areas. Within our salon, all hair foils are made from 100% recyclable foil material and made from a percentage of recycled aluminium. All gloves and capes used for colour are biodegradable and for sanitising work tops biodegradable wipes. All Davines bags, till rolls, brochures and toilet rolls made from recycled paper without any plastic coating. The salon has a Kings Water cooler sustainable solution drinking water solution without pollution, and water boiler to save on energy. Cleaning products are ECO VER and Method that are non-toxic plant-based products and use power green technology, with 100% recycled plastic bottles and all salon lighting is LED. All of this has led us to finalising for the Surrey Business Awards for Sustainability, something we are very proud of.  

In today’s climate it is more important than ever that we all make a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and treat our environment and planet with more care and concern. Our environmental footprint as an industry collectively is remarkably high and it is our duty to strive to reduce this. I find by being aware of how a business impacts the wider environment is an excellent starting point.  

Remember, you do not have to be perfect to start you just have to start somewhere. Slight changes from lots of us will make the world of difference.