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18 Jan 2022

Written by mike

Why using your software data differently has become crucial to the survival of your business in 2022 according to Nergish Wadia-Austin. 

Nergish a business management trainer in the personal care industry who teaches best practice to managers and salon professionals in how to MAKE MORE MONEY in their business and columns. With over 40 years experience in the industry, Nergish has ran small salons, spas and barbershops as well as the largest businesses in the world. Growing columns and businesses wisely and with great foundations is what she does best. Nergish is the CEO & founder of the PHAB Service Stars, the only industry standard that measures, recognises and supports the very best professionals in the U.K. and Ireland based on performance and service excellence! Nergish shared with us why using your software data differently has become crucial to the survival of your business:  

“My travels around the world teaching spa, salon & barbershop managers how to make much more money in their business, has brought me to the conclusion that every single business that I have trained in, consulted for or coached the leader, has untapped money making opportunities that almost always go unnoticed by them! Sadly the answers always lie in their ignored, unused or wrongly used, sales and performance data in their software systems!  

Over 80% of businesses use their software as glorified tills and a storage point for client information. But the really helpful data is not looked at for very long. I hear lots of talk about KPIs but very little about what those KPI’s tell you about the professional’s performance (employed or self employed.) A typical example of this would be the constant badgering by staff wanting more new clients fed into their column so they are better able to hit their targets. At review times most managers will agree to an expensive direct marketing campaign or a social media blitz inviting new business into their column with some sort of offer or discount or both to help put more bums on seats in that professional’s styling chair, beauty bed or nail station. This will be instead of actually looking at that professional’s past performance data of what they’re doing at each customer’s visit! Then analysing the patterns by actively listening to the service language used when establishing their client’s needs, to the way solutions are offered to solve the customer’s concerns or listening to the way the customer has a haircare, skincare or nail-care plan when they’re leaving the business or how every customer is being offered re-bookings and many, many more untapped opportunities being completely missed at every visit to the business!  

If the important performance data was being used correctly the manager would quickly, (within the probationary/trail period,) be able to identify exactly where the money leakage holes in the bucket are and who’s causing them and how easily they could be plugged JUST BY USING THEIR SOFTWARE DATA CORRECTLY. In 2022, with the lack of availability of experienced, skilled, talented and qualified hair, beauty, nail, barbering & wellness professionals, can businesses really afford to ignore or misuse performance data anymore? You decide!” 

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