iSalon Inspires – The Client Journey

13 Apr 2022

Written by mike

We caught up with Edinburgh salon owner, Mark David on the client journey and how iSalon Software helps him run a successful business.

At MARKDAVID the client journey is so important to us. When I opened the salon just over two years ago, I wanted it to be all about the client. From the design to our services and special touches, everything was thoroughly thought out with the client in mind to ensure they have an exceptional experience in the salon and come back time and time again. 

When a client arrives at our salon, they are asked to ring the bell and wait behind the red rope outside until a stylist comes to greet them and bring them in to the salon. Before they’ve even walked in the door, clients know they are going to come in to a place of luxury and that they are going to have a memorable experience in the salon. 

Clients are then provided with a silk kimono, adding a touch of glam to their visit, and are then invited to the styling station where a thorough consultation takes place. Clients are presented with a large refreshment menu to choose from, which includes Prosecco on tap, and their drinks are served to them on beautiful crockery complete with a cupcake from a local bakery on side. 

Clients are then taken to the backwash, whereby they are invited to relax at the shiatsu massage basins, which allows the client to have complete control over their massage, and they are also treated to a complimentary backwash treatment. Hair is wrapped in a hot towel with lavender to accentuate the treatment and allow the client to really unwind and feel good.  

Clients are then brought back to the styling station where we work to achieve their hair goals before providing them with product recommendations to use at home to keep their hair looking fantastic in between appointments. Should clients wish, they can spritz themselves with one of our many perfume choices available in our bathroom before they leave to feel even more fabulous and to further lift their spirits upon leaving the salon. 

What helps us improve our client experience even further is partnering with great suppliers, including iSalon Software. Prior to clients leaving the salon, we always book them in for their next appointment on our software system and inform them that they will receive a text a couple of days before to remind them of their appointment. Clients love that they get this reminder message and that they can ensure they keep on top of and don’t miss any appointments. Not only does this help the client, but it also helps reduce no shows in the salon – win win.  

iSalon also helped us to create our new client loyalty scheme – MDExclusive. This was something we wanted to put together to give back to our loyal clients and offer them exclusive discounts and incentives at local businesses. iSalon helped us to create a card whereby clients could bring this into the salon and have it scanned at the end of their appointment to receive exclusive discounts and offers. They could also show the card at local neighbouring businesses to receive incentives there too, with incentives including a glass of fizz at local restaurants, £1 coffees from local coffee shops and 10%-20% discounts from local flower shops and cake companies in the area.